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Can I deactivate/delete my account?
Can I have multiple accounts?
What is PlayZap games?
Where can I find the PlayZap Gaming app?
How does the PlayZap Gaming app work?
How can I join the PlayZap Community?
How do I reach out to the PlayZap team?
My account is locked. How to unlock it?
Is my personal information secure?
How to log in for the first time?
What are the games available on PlayZap App?
Game details, rules, and tutorials
When does my entry fee get deducted?
What are the tournaments and game modes available to play?
What are the Live Matches & how do I join?
What are the Group Matches & how do I join?
What are the Challenge Matches & how do I join?
Where do I see the match progress results?
What is the minimum fee to play the games?
How can I add tokens to my wallet?
How can I check my wallet balance?
How can I withdraw my tokens?
When do I get winnings in my wallet?
What is the currency in PlayZap?
What is the PlayZap Wallet & how does it work?
What are the Gems & how do I earn?
What are the Z tickets & how do I earn?
What are the $PZP & how do I earn?
What is the minimum amount to withdraw
How many times can I withdraw in a day
I made a deposit, but it’s not showing in my wallet.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
Do I have to pay a gas fee at the time of withdrawal and deposit?
Can I transfer my tokens to another wallet?
What security measures PlayZap takes to secure my wallet?